Temenos Catholic Worker, San Francisco

posted by Mike on June 2nd, 2005

River Sims, of San Francisco’s Temenos Catholic Worker, begins his ministry when the sun goes down. He walks the streets of his neighborhood, Polk Gulch, doing what he can for the mostly-young, mostly-male, addicts and prostitutes who congregate there.

He hands out sandwiches, condoms, lubricant, long- and short-tipped syringes, and “kits” with stuff needed to shoot heroin with proper hygiene. And, he’s a “presence of grace.”

In 2003, he said that the previous year he’d attended 24 funerals, and the average age was 19.

His blog takes most of this in stride.

River Sims

River Sims in his apartment, with the infamous “Points for Jesus” t-shirt. Photo: Mike Benedetti.
Points for Jesus--Temenos Catholic Worker

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