How to knit a plastic bag

Reusable bag titan Rajiv Badlani points out that because you can’t convince every shopper to use cloth shopping bags, there will always be some plastic bags out there. He plans to recycle these into textiles.

You can do something similar at home, with shopping bags or the plastic bags they put your newspaper in on rainy days. All you have to do is cut the bags into ribbons, twist the ribbons into a sort of yarn, and then knit or crochet the yarn into whatever you like. This is an inexpensive way to make holiday gifts for the environmentalists on your list.

The best technique I’ve seen was taught to me by Ines Beron. She has put her own instructions on-line; what follows is my explanation of her technique, with links to her photos and instructions.

  1. Trim the bottom seam from the bag. (Photo)

  2. Unfold as much of the bag as possible and flatten it out. (Photo)

  3. Fold the bag not quite in half widthwise (with the fold perpendicular to the seam you cut off). Let one of the edges stick out about 1 inch. Fold the part you already folded in half, repeating until the folded part is also about 1 inch wide. (Photo)

  4. Cut off the handles.

  5. About every inch, cut the folded part of the bag widthwise. Try not to cut into the unfolded part of the bag. (Photo, Photo)

  6. Grab the unfolded part of the bag, and shake gently. The folded part will unroll into a fringe. (Photo)

  7. Open up the unfolded part of the bag and spread flat. (Photo)

  8. Make a cut from the center (widthwise) of the unfolded part to the nearest cut, diagonally. (Photo)

  9. Keep cutting across the unfolded part, diagonally, connecting the different cuts. (Photo)

  10. The last cut will be similar to the first, finishing in the center, widthwise, of the unfolded part.
  11. Now you have turned the plastic bag into a single long, thin, plastic ribbon. Roll it into a ball. (Photo)

Tote knit from plastic bagsKnit or crochet using this piece of “plastic yarn.” When this piece starts to run out, tie another piece to the end and trim the knot.

Ines has made lots of great stuff out of plastic bags, including a little backpack and large handbag (pictured). I wish I had a photo of the purse she made with a little flower added, or the lilies she’s crocheted.

There are many nice photos of crocheted plastic bags online, including this one.

(If you’re looking to avoid plastic bags in the first place, see our instructions on how to sew a canvas bag. On a related note, you can carve your own crochet hook (via Boing Boing).)

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  1. Love everything you make out of recycled materials, specially the purses. I would like to try one of them thanks for the patterns

  2. Great post. My wife loves knitted stuff & i\’m sure she\’ll make the most out of your post :)

  3. Recently saw some really great hats made from plarn that had, reportedly, been stretched really thin. Any clues as to how this is done?

  4. Wow that is so easy. How cool. Thanks for the post. I am going to have to try this, like tonight!

  5. I have made a tote bag out of recying paper bags. It looks great and things do not fall out of it. I love it. It was a blast to make also.

  6. I can hardly wait to make the plastic “yarn” and knit and crochet with it. Your explanations are terrific
    and I appreciate the prompt replies you people give me. Your cite is fantastic for ideas and help.
    Many Many thanks. Rosemary D.

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