Deus Caritas Est

posted by Kaihsu Tai on January 25th, 2006

Just a quick note to say that His Holiness Benedict XVI’s new encyclical Deus Caritas Est is out.

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  1. On January 25, 2006 at 13:43 Adam (Southern California) said:

    I’ve only read a little ways into it, but isn’t it refreshing to read theological arguments that are both accessible and rigorous?

  2. On January 25, 2006 at 14:13 Mike (Worcester) said:

    Küng likes it.

  3. On January 25, 2006 at 14:48 Dr Kaihsu Tai (Oxford, England) said:

    I have only read a bit of the encyclical, but I remember that Hans Küng wrote quite similarly about ἀγάπη/caritas versus ἔρως/amor in his book On Being A Christian. I would also like to read Küng’s Credo at some point (soon?).

  4. On January 25, 2006 at 16:46 Dr Kaihsu Tai (Oxford, England) said:

    Notice the inclusion of Mother Teresa in this list of saints (section 41): “The figures of saints such as Francis of Assisi, Ignatius of Loyola, John of God, Camillus of Lellis, Vincent de Paul, Louise de Marillac, Giuseppe B. Cottolengo, John Bosco, Luigi Orione, Teresa of Calcutta to name but a few — stand out as lasting models of social charity for all people of good will.” I wonder what it means in terms of her way to becoming canonized.

  5. On January 25, 2006 at 16:47 Mike (Worcester) said:

    Pope Benedict vs. The Mekons vs. St Therese:

    Nowadays Christianity of the past is often criticized as having been opposed to the body; and it is quite true that tendencies of this sort have always existed. Yet the contemporary way of exalting the body is deceptive. Eros, reduced to pure “sex”, has become a commodity, a mere “thing” to be bought and sold, or rather, man himself becomes a commodity.

    –Pope Benedict XVI, “Deus Caritas Est”

    When I was just 17
    Sex no longer held a mystery
    I saw it as a commodity
    To be bought and sold
    Like rock and roll

    –The Mekons, “Rock and Roll”

    Seeing with the eyes of Christ, I can give to others much more than their outward necessities; I can give them the look of love which they crave.

    –Pope Benedict XVI, “Deus Caritas Est”

    I cannot always carry out the letter of the Gospel, for occasions arise when I am compelled to refuse a request. Yet, when love has taken deep root in the soul, it shows itself outwardly, and there is always a way of refusing so graciously what one cannot give, that the refusal affords as much pleasure as the gift itself.

    –St Therese

  6. On January 29, 2006 at 11:56 Mike (Worcester) said:

    Whispers in the Loggia points out that the pope’s included Mother Theresa in a list of saints 4 times this month.