Happy Chinese New Year

posted by Mike on January 29th, 2006

Chinese New Year at the Vietnamese Buddhist temple in Worcester. Photo: Mike Benedetti
People crowd the Vietnamese Buddhist temple on Dewey Street in Worcester, Massachusetts, to celebrate the new year (Tết Nguyên Ðán).

Global Voices has a good wrapup of Chinese New Year (and Tet).

You’ll notice that the photo above is probably the least-colorful Chinese New Year picture ever taken. I didn’t think to run home and get my camera until after the dragons, fireworks, and the rest were over. Kevin Ksen took a couple good pictures inside the temple, below.

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  1. On January 30, 2006 at 12:43 Adam (Southern California) said:

    I like how the Discovery Channel was featuring things from China all weekend. On Saturday they had a two-hour-long special on the Three Gorges Dam, and yesterday they had stuff about the Great Wall and about the first Qin emperor.

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