William of Ockham

posted by Kaihsu Tai on April 10th, 2006

According to the Anglican liturgical calendar, today is the feast day of William of Ockham, so I will try to be brief. Yesterday was the anniversary of the martyrdom of St Dietrich, in addition to being Palm Sunday by current Gregorian reckoning.

For those of you who are still reading this far, I have a treat for you. The journal on whose editorial board I serve, the International Journal of Green Economics, has published its first issue. The content should be available online, but if you would like a printed copy, I have a few to give away. Leave a message here saying what “green economics” means to you, and why I should send you a copy. The first few bona fide answers will win the prize.

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  1. On April 10, 2006 at 17:33 Adam (Southern California) said:

    Ockham, of course, was renowned for having the closest shave in the British Isles, and his principles on male grooming held for centuries before being usurped by King Gillette.