posted by Kaihsu Tai on May 6th, 2006

I am sure that is Zwingli hiding behind the tree by Wasserkirche in Zürich. Grossmünster is in the background. This photograph was taken 2002-05-05 probably after Sunday service, almost exactly 4 years ago. Today, the anniversary of the Sack of Rome by Charles V, I went to see the “world première” of the documentary Soldiers of the Pope, a film about the Swiss Guards, which is celebrating its 500th anniversary this year. The première was part of the Oxford International Festival of Films going on at the Phoenix Picturehouse down my street. We were told that His Holiness and the Guards were also watching it at the same time (but I doubt it). The film mentioned, among many other interesting things, that Zwingli was one of the first persons to give the guards trouble. Perhaps Mike will want to get the mighty WCCA TV13 to air this?

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