Notes on Beyond Broadcast

posted by Mike on May 14th, 2006

Notes for Indymedia on the Beyond Broadcast conference.

  • Public Radio Exchange is a site where you can upload up to 2 hours of audio, and public radio stations can check it out and possibly air it. Lots of stations seem to be using this. If you’re editing audio for Indymedia, you might as well upload it here, too; might get on the radio.
  • Digital Bicycle is a project to help local cable access stations trade high-quality videos for broadcast. You might try submitting your video projects.
  • A guy has a bunch of short clips about the run-up to the Iraq War; on The Echo Chamber Project, you can pick and choose among them, organizing them as you like. His eventual documentary will be informed by the sorts of suggested sequences people put together.
  • My overall impression is that we as Worcester Indymedia are doing the right sorts of things.
  • Lots of new media sites, including IMC sites, are being built on top of Drupal software. I’m going to look into the possibility of migrating sf-active sites (like our current one) to Drupal. If that looks too hard, I’d like to think about connecting our site to other bits of software to fix problems like the lousy calendar, the inability to organize dozens of photos well, and so on.
  • Nobody has an easy answer to the question: What’s the best way to format my video for the web?
  • My favorite extended presentation was by James Boyle, speaking about this “scary flowering of human potential across communications media” and “how not to screw it up”; you can listen to it. You’ll want to skip the first few minutes of the audio, which is someone else introducing the conference.
  • Nameless Mike and MooseDuring a session on technology, a nice Canadian woman was sharing her website troubles when I was suddenly like: Holy cow! It’s Christine McGlade!

    I introduced myself and gushed a bit, and she was nice enough to not act creeped out and to tell me about the difference between federally-owned and provincially-owned Canadian TV stations. (She is at TVOntario.)

  • Another unexpected moment was listening to Holmes Wilson explain the InCity Times to Dan Gillmor.
  • A guy from WGBH told me they are moving their offices to a new zip code, making the old ZOOM jingle obsolete:

    Send it to ZOOM!


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