Siting: No peace in sight

posted by Mike on May 26th, 2006

Last fall I criticized the Mayor’s Social Service Task Force Report because:

First, it doesn’t have a plan for getting beyond the current hostility between social service agencies and neighborhood groups.

Second, it provides no incentive for social service agencies to follow the “best practices” it outlines for siting social service programs.

This week, the City Council voted 8-0 to endorse the report. (City Solicitor David M. Moore convinced them that endorsing the report would not violate the law, despite clear indications that this report will get the city sued at some point.)

At a Council meeting last fall, I brought my concerns to the Council. They didn’t seem to think the report was vague at all, and thought that it was practically a Roadmap to Peace between agencies and property owners’ groups.

This morning, the T&G reports on last night’s meeting between the agency SMOC and some Main South people.

Despite the presence of “five city councilors,” “the third in a series of meetings between neighbors and SMOC” was “the most acrimonious yet.”

There’s a bumper sticker that says: “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.”

The Worcester City Council needs to put out its own bumper sticker: “There is no way to peace.”

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