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posted by Mike on June 5th, 2006

WordPress 2.0.3: Yesterday, Michael P. upgraded the site. There’s a new spam filter, so I’m no longer blacklisting any comment words.

Events: You’ll notice a list of upcoming events in the sidebar. You can submit your events to; or, you can register for an account on the site, and add your own events. Events about pie, coffee, religion, hospitality, and activism are appropriate. Since the editor of P&C is, at least nominally, an anarchist vegan pacifist Catholic West Virginian, he’d rather not list events that are fascist, pro-animal-suffering, violent, anti-Catholic, or anti-Appalachian.

I used RS Event to add events metadata to posts, and Category Visibility-RH to keep posts that are only in the “Events” category from appearing on the front page or in the RSS.

Activism and the Web: If you’re obsessed with using the web to enhance activism, check out the great series Constructive Activism.

One-page sites: I’m really happy with the Real Solutions website so far. The dynamic content is a list of links generated by More one-page sites.

Video: Worcester’s cable access station now has video downloads. Check back soon for more, or subscribe to the feed.

E-mail campaigns: A couple e-mail campaigns are running in Worcester, based on the free CitizenSpeak service. There has been some response, but nothing overwhelming. This has alerted me to something which should have been obvious– not only has a big mailing list, but a mailing list of people who will actually join e-mail campaigns.

Politicians get flooded with e-mail, and our local pols are rumored to ignore most of it. A campaign like this, run out of a centralized website, enables the people running it to call up the local pols and say: “You got 100 e-mails on this issue over the weekend. When are you going to take action?”

Net Neutrality: People are working on this and other telecomm issues on the local level all over the US. The latest local site I’ve found is from Lafayette, LA. If you live in Worcester and care about Net Neutrality, check out WCCA’s e-mail petition.

Japanese: Some Japanese blog linked to “Darfur Genocide on Trial.” Even the Babelfish can’t explain why:

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[first comment below]

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God bless Mark Dixon: The latest site to link to his Wal-Mart series is Why I Love The Web.

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  1. On June 5, 2006 at 12:00 Dr Kaihsu Tai (Oxford, England) said:

    Re: Japanese. The page cited linked to an editorial piece in the newspaper Asahi Sinbun on 2006-06-01, which was subsequently translated into English on 2006-06-02 with the title “Khmer Rouge trial”. This may explain a bit about the “[Pol] Pot group”. The comments seem to go off on a tangent though, with my limited ability in Japanese, Pentecost or not….

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