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posted by Mike on June 6th, 2006

Tom Crouse at Mr HeteroLocal radio personality Tom “Mr. Hetero” Crouse says he will support the impeachment of President Bush if the UN grants NGO status to 2 gay rights groups with US support.

KK: I wish Tom Crouse would move to Worcester.

Mike: Yeah! I don’t think of him as being my nemesis or anything.

KK: He’s my entertainment.

Mike: Yes! Exactly!

In case you think Crouse is a fool, check out his latest:

I would be someone who would be considered his political base, and I am not buying it. I do not believe the President cares about a marriage amendment. If he did there would have been a constant drumbeat for one, like we have heard from him on other issues that he really cares about, like making the tax cuts permanent. As a supporter of the President I am disappointed with his transparent effort to pander to a base that for the most part left him a long time ago.

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