Worcester will vote to drop $50,000 on “wayfinding”

posted by Mike on June 11th, 2006

IMG_0106A reader writes:

remember that Wayfinding grant a ways back?

turns out it’s a “matching funds” grant

the City will vote on Tuesday to appropriate $50K to match the grant funds!

City Manager Michael O’Brien

June 13, 2006

I respectfully recommend that Nine Thousand One Hundred Thirteeen Dollars and Twenty Eight Cents ($9,113.28) be transferred from Account #91C780, Citywide Capital Equipment, and appropriated to Account #14C707, Signage Program. This transfer, in addition to the $40,886.72 available balance in the Signage Capital Account, is needed to provide the $50,000 in matching funds to the Worcester Cultural Coalition for the “Worcester Finding Your Way” wayfinding initiative, per the request of Julie A. Jacobson, Assistant City Manager for Economic & Neighborhood Development.

Respectfully submitted,
MIchael V. O’Brien
City Manager

Jule Jacobson, Assistant City Manager:

The $50,000 in required matching funds to be provided by the City can be allocated from previously approved, allocated, and unexpended funds remaining in an expired signage account that was established to fund a signage program several years ago.

Pictured: Screwed-up sign on Main Street.

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