posted by Mike on June 28th, 2006

I’m getting ready to move this week. Right after Independence Day I’ll be spending a little time with family, then I’ll spend the rest of the summer at the Catholic Worker community in South Bend, Indiana.

(I am mildly excited to be moving to Chocola County.)

Cleaning out the attic has also inspired me to clean out my e-mail. I have 28 e-mails still on my “action needed” list, the earliest being an e-mail from this January from Kaihsu titled “Ken Wilber vs Herman Dooyeweerd.”

Pictured: Two more things to move–Happy Birthday Mike Leslie “rent club” poster, and a painting by John Guida.

Chart: This video of a talk by Hans Rosling features some fantastic animated data.

Not guilty: Catholic Worker Jim Dowling found not guilty in Brisbane “on June 1 on a charge of obstructing police when they arrested him last year at a public debate about civil liberties.”

Worcester: Indymedia is kicking off a new feature—City Council Watch. Rather than tracking their votes, it will start by tracking the events they associate themselves with.

In recent weeks everyone except for Mayor Murray and Paul Clancy attended at least one of the virulent SMOC hearings, but during that same time only Gary Rosen attended the “Walk for the Homeless.”

While Worcester is becoming a “minority majority” city, our City Council is once again all White and not socio-economically representative of our City. It is easy for Councilors to be more comfortable attending the annual St. Patrick’s Day activities while “missing” the Immigrant Rights Rally, Latin Festival and Kwanzaa gatherings.

DRM: We’ve had several visitors searching for variations on “bruce springsteen will not play on my computer”. Sorry to hear it. (Original post.)

Omaha CW: A Catholic Worker community is starting in Omaha, Nebraska. Contact:

Jerry Ebner
4308 Grant Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68111

Techniques of environmental political action in small towns: This thread at Edward Tufte’s forum is information-packed and still generating discussion.

We all have the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances; this right should be exercised. Not by circulating petitions, but by applying for text and map amendments to the zoning ordinances, and amendments to the master plans.

Moving on: David Gardner is leaving the LA CW. I remember the first time I met him. David: “I hear you’re a Catholic Worker. Want to get arrested?”

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  1. On June 29, 2006 at 10:53 mark said:

    We’re ready to welcome you to Hoosierland, where no one can figure out what “hoosier” means.

  2. On June 30, 2006 at 19:19 paxton said:

    Good luck with the move Mike, but don’t stay away too long, we need you here.

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