WoMag cover modified

posted by Mike on August 22nd, 2006

Still being in Indiana, it was only via the Telegram & Gazette that I learned that anonymous Worcesterites modified the cover of some 2,000 copies of last week’s Worcester Magazine.

Less HIV infections is
What neighborhoods face
when drugstores
sell needles like cigarettes

WoMag w/sticker

(T&G story about the new cover, the original WoMag story)

Interesting that they compare needles to cigarettes. Which do more harm to non-users, cigs or sharps? Are more people injured by discarded needles or second-hand smoke?

As it happens, this past weekend I was taking some pix of a Navy billboard recruiting Latinos for a peacenik publication. I said to a friend, “If this billboard was in Worcester, it would’ve been vandalized by now.” (It’s easily accessible on foot.)

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  1. On August 23, 2006 at 09:22 paxton said:

    I wonder if this guy speaks Spanish?


  2. On August 23, 2006 at 15:47 Mike said:

    Thanks to a Worcester resident for the pic of the cover.

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