Citizen journalist files “false arrest” complaint

Kevin Ksen, a well-respected Worcester activist and frequent contributor to the Worcester Independent Media Center website, has filed a complaint against the Worcester police for “harassment” and “false arrest.”

Kevin and another activist were passing out fliers for a rally protesting the filming of the “COPS” TV show in Worcester when some police showed up, with the “COPS” crew in tow. Kevin says that when he tried to take photos of the situation for Indymedia, things got out of hand.

Good story in the Telegram:

With the first flash, Mr. Ksen said, Officer [Mark] Rojas “quickly grabbed my arms, which were in front of me with the camera, twisted them up behind my back and slapped cuffs on me in seconds. I was pretty amazed how fast I was cuffed.” During the episode, he said, officers deleted a photo from his digital camera and threw away the fliers he and his friend were distributing.


In an open letter sent Monday to Worcester City Council members and others, Mr. Ksen said his own case was another for “the list of stories we have all watched unfold this past year through which the bad cops have given our City and the (Police) Department a black-eye …”

Lest you forget, a few days after Kevin was arrested, Worcester’s Police Chief kicked “COPS” out of the city, saying:

“I just believe it is in the best interest to ask ‘Cops’ to leave.”

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