Photographing Tim Murray

posted by Mike on October 5th, 2006

Kevin Ksen made another court appearance yesterday.

You’ll remember he was arrested for trespassing (the police say) or photographing the crew of the TV show COPS (he says).

Now some time back, Kevin was taking pictures of a less-controversial Worcester event, and was pleased with how the pix of Tim Murray, our mayor and lieutenant governor candidate, turned out. Kevin passed the pix on to Murray, telling him to use them as he liked.

Looks like one of the pix, suitably trimmed, is the header to Murray’s website!

WalkChandler 028
Perotto, O’Brien, Murray, Chandler, et. al. Photo by Kevin Ksen.

From Chandler Street to the State House: Sadly, it runs on Mambo.

All this by way of a shout-out to Kevin. When your photography is playing a role in the Lieutenant Governor’s race, and getting you arrested, you know you’re a real photojournalist.

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