posted by Mike on October 6th, 2006

Big guys forever!: Today Worcester celebrated World Smile Day, a day when we smile and remember Worcester native Harvey Ball.

Some guys from the Willis Center won the pie-eating contest, saying:

I said it from the beginning. The big guys came to represent. And that’s what we did! Big guys forever!

Smiley balloons DSCN7857

Orange County Catholic Worker: A little update in this week’s OC Weekly.

Irony: Fascinating column from Dianne Williamson in Monday’s paper. A group home for teen girls recovering from addictions opened at 270-272 Highland last year, and the neighbors were in an uproar. (I haven’t been frightened of teen girls since I was a teen boy . . . .)

Williamson remembers what a woman who lives next door said last year:

“It’s an unfair situation,” a tearful Johanna Evans told me, seated in the living room of her lovely Princess Anne house at 274 Highland St. “I’ll be afraid to walk around the neighborhood with my son. I just can’t stand by and let this happen.”

She and her husband were so distraught they put their house on the market.

Turns out that Ms. Evans might want to be concerned about her other neighbor:

Last week, an alleged sexual offender was arrested and ordered held on a whopping $1 million cash bail after he allegedly groped two Shrewsbury girls and took them in a van littered with pornography, condoms, rope and a lead pipe. If the charges are true, Albert E. McCausland Jr. is indeed the sort of man whom parents should guard their kids against.

Except that Mr. McCausland lives at 276 Highland St., on the other side of Johanna Evans.

The caricaturistHappy Birthday Mike Leslie: Jacob writes, in this week’s newsletter:

next friday (which is to say a week after the day after this email went out) our 4th grade caricaturist bert will be back to draw your picture and say things like “it’s weird to draw you because you have a tiny
head” and “why do you do your hair like that?”.

Having Bert do your portrait is well worth the time and expense. Stop by the store and check it out.

CW National gathering: It’s coming up. Mike Boover and Scott Schaeffer-Duffy will be there to represent two generations of Worcester Catholic Workers.

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  1. On October 9, 2006 at 13:33 Adam (Southern California) said:

    Good ol’ OC Weekly. It’s about 10 times better than its big sister, the LA Weekly.

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