posted by Mike on November 3rd, 2006

Walgreens protest about labor, not needles: Some guys have been holding a protest outside a local Walgreens, with a sign calling them “No better than the neighborhood drug dealer.” Some passersby thought this was about needle legalization, but it’s actually a labor thing. I mentioned this to one of the guys with the sign, and he acknowledged that it is a confusing message.
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Feed me: Here’s an RSS feed I created for NECN that doesn’t work very well:

Voting: I voted absentee at Worcester City Hall yesterday. I took some pix for the Polling Place Photo Project.

Catholic Worker: Interesting interview in the October 2006 issue of Arthur with the band The Sharp Ease. The front woman, Paloma Parfrey, has a last name that will be familiar to some . . .

Arthur: Paloma, exactly what kind of commune did you grow up in?

Paloma: My parents were both extremely politically active and they decided to join this commune after I was six months old to be able to protest regularly and feed the homeless. It was this thing in East LA–the Catholic Worker. It’s Christian-oriented, but not like hyper-Christian. Their work is to serve the hungry and protest nuclear weapons. So I’ve been protesting since I was six months old.

Best blog post title of the week: Send Edward Tufte to Baghdad?

Health tip: Eat omega-3s or go crazy.

Father Charlie McCarthy: Link:

The military’s Catholic Archbishop is out there daily with a mega-microphone presenting what cannot be rationally sustained as being in conformity with traditional Catholic moral teaching, while all other U.S. Catholic bishops, archbishops and cardinals, except two, sit passively, acquiescently and silently by letting this erroneous application of Catholic moral theology be bullhorned across the U.S. Catholic world.

I wish that he made better use of the web, so that all these supporting materials could be nicely linked. I gotta go catch a bus now, maybe I’ll format something nice when I get back.

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  1. On December 22, 2006 at 20:28 Becka and Sarah said:

    Thank you for clarifying. We’ve seen the signs and the pamphlets and have no idea what they were supposed to be protesting. Thanks.
    Sarah and Becka

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