posted by Mike on November 7th, 2006

Happy Election Day from Pennsylvania.

Military recruitment: Adam writes:

ABC News found some U.S. Army recruiters telling prospective recruits that the war in Iraq is over and that we’re not sending people to Iraq anymore. For the record, those are both lies.

BBC: “Britain is ‘surveillance society’.” This report comes out as the powers-that-be in Worcester have announced their enthusiasm for widespread video surveillance in the city.

Finding different morals to the Haggard scandal: Tom Crouse:

Regardless of how powerful, likeable, personable the individual, they are still sinners in daily need of grace. But we must balance that with the Biblical admonition to honor those men that God has placed over His people. The balance is this, submit and obey the authority but always recognize God is the one who receives the worship and praise.

Andrew Sullivan:

Yes, Jesus knew when to stop. He renounced all earthly power for the cross – to prove God’s love and forgiveness. He could have led a political movement. He refused to. His refusal is at the heart of his message. And all Christians – of all kinds and varieties – need to follow his example again.

An odd article: Nice to see that T&G columnist Clive McFarlane praise Matt Feinstein, Anne Lewenberg, and Laura Suroviak in yesterday’s paper. Considering how upset he was with Kevin and I over our opt out project a few weeks back, I’m pleasantly surprised he likes these folks. After all, Matt and Anne were core people behind controversial efforts like kicking the COPS tv show out of Worcester, the Indymedia collective, the founding of Real Solutions, and last fall’s 2000 crosses memorial (to name only those projects covered on Pie and Coffee).

They had much on their plates, and could not afford a lengthy interview.

Oh, okay then. That clears things up.

Good-hearted activist Anne Lewenberg and evil-hearted activist Kevin Ksen begin clearing the Winslow Street lot. Photo by Mike Benedetti.

The column details their work on the excellent Winslow Street Park project.

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