posted by Mike on November 27th, 2006

We had a fair amount of site traffic on Thanksgiving, with lots of folks looking for Wal-Mart’s Thanksgiving hours and ending up at Mark Dixon’s Wal-Mart article. So I added a note at the top of the article about Buy Nothing Day.

Worcester: Dave McMahon has a blog.

Breaking news: Local man likes Jasmine Guy.

Snow Ghost: Bruce’s latest studio tracks are available for download. Note that he was last month’s Employee of the Month at Happy Birthday Mike Leslie.

Naming a Worcester street after MLK: Efforts are moving forward.

The Corporation: They’ve made the movie available via bittorrent, as the PCF explains. If you’ve got Democracy media player installed, you can start downloading via bittorent by clicking here. This is very cool.
Democracy: Internet TV

Surowiecki: Sugar subsidies are bad. They screw up the ethanol fuel market. Tyson Foods recently posted a loss in part because demand for ethanol raised the price of feed corn. Erik Marcus claims that the greatest enemy of factory farming right now is the alternative fuels industry. Amory Lovins talks about this in a podcast from last year.

Update from Herman Thrust:
I don’t drive much, but I’m encouraged by the fact that, since bourbon is at least 51% corn, I can stumble drunkenly down the street telling anyone who’ll listen that I’m a drinktivist.

“Zombie chickens”: “When Jim Stauffer of Petaluma saw a chicken crawling out of a mound of compost like the living dead, he knew something had changed at the egg farm next door.” via Vegan Porn

and Brandon Is A Zombie: I’ve posted the audio of “When the Saints Go Marching In” from a performance I did with Brenna Cussen over the summer.

Darfur: Alex de Waal thinks military intervention won’t work.

Plowshares: What a headline. Blood-Pouring Anti-Nuke Clowns Sent to Prison. Or as the more boring would have it, Three men convicted in missile vandalism case. For a more recent article, see Letter to the Judge Who Sentenced My Husband to Federal Prison for Protesting Nuclear Weapons.

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