posted by Mike on December 15th, 2006

Greetings from the Mid-Ohio River Valley, where the excitement never stops.

Bunnie Huang, on China: “It’s also obvious (to an outsider) that the press is government controlled and biased. The writing style and headlining of the China Daily reminds me a lot of The Onion.”

The Parkersburg News isn’t government controlled, but it’s a lot like The Onion, too:
Electronic billboard placed

  • The Catholic Peace Fellowship has another podcast up. [Download the mp3.] They talk with families who’ve been helped by the GI Rights Hotline.
  • Ed Behn was on NECN last week talking about the Iraq Study Group report. Behn’s son is a Marine in Iraq. Readers may remember Behn as the man donating $2500 to Disabled American Veterans as part of a “counter-contest” to the Opt Out Contest. (I don’t buy that this is a counter-contest, as it raises awareness of the whole opt out thing, which is the point of the original contest, too. I think it’s a complementary contest.)
  • The Bishops’ daily readings podcast doesn’t begin with someone stating the date. If you’re using an iPod Shuffle like me, this is frustrating. I have no display to see the date, and iTunes tends to force me to listen to podcasts in reverse chronological order. The reason for omitting the date is obvious–the readings repeat every three years, so it’s really only a three-year investment to produce the readings, and then you’re set until the end of time.
  • Much love to Pray-As-You-Go for throwing caution to the wind and stating the date of each show.
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