Nothing? Check!

posted by Mike on January 8th, 2007

On the first working day after an insulting blog post about the Barbara Haller website appeared on the lynne4district4 blog, the Haller website was revised! How’s that for service?

Here’s a classic from the old site:

Note that even though the last five entries are blanks, Haller gets a green check for each, and “Lynn Simond” (perhaps a veiled reference to opponent Lynne Simonds) gets a red cross. Nihilism represent!

Not that Simonds’s website, or any sitting councilor’s website, is much better. The only good one I know of is Joff Smith’s.

Three questions:

  1. Any reason a city councilor needs more than a one page site? (I mean heck, 37signals itself is technically a one-page site, with each product or blog getting its own site.)
  2. Any reason a campaign needs to post a site with a bunch of “under construction” pages? You could always post a one-pager, then post the other pages after they are constructed.
  3. Any reason someone running for the Council needs a website at all?
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