Nothing? Check!

On the first working day after an insulting blog post about the Barbara Haller website appeared on the lynne4district4 blog, the Haller website was revised! How’s that for service?

Here’s a classic from the old site:

Note that even though the last five entries are blanks, Haller gets a green check for each, and “Lynn Simond” (perhaps a veiled reference to opponent Lynne Simonds) gets a red cross. Nihilism represent!

Not that Simonds’s website, or any sitting councilor’s website, is much better. The only good one I know of is Joff Smith’s.

Three questions:

  1. Any reason a city councilor needs more than a one page site? (I mean heck, 37signals itself is technically a one-page site, with each product or blog getting its own site.)
  2. Any reason a campaign needs to post a site with a bunch of “under construction” pages? You could always post a one-pager, then post the other pages after they are constructed.
  3. Any reason someone running for the Council needs a website at all?

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