posted by Mike on January 18th, 2007
  • South Bend: “Four Murdered Homeless Men Found Blocks from Our Apartment”, Dave Griffith writes. I knew one of the men slightly.
  • Candy Scotsman:

    the candy inside this weird hatchet-wielding scotsman is completely disgusting, which has to be one of the most-often-true non-self-reflexive statements in the history of the english language.

  • Even More Advice For Konnie Lukes: A crazy performance by Nat Needle. See also his possibly-crazy “proposal for the revival of the Worcester Memorial Auditorium.”
  • Juice: Those guys who sell pomegranite juice have been doing ridiculous animal tests. So Whole Foods decided to stop selling it. So the juice guys stopped the tests.
  • Nation’s Gays Demand Right To Library Cards:

    GLAAD’s announcement comes on the heels of a controversial decision in December by a Hawaii librarian to allow a gay Honolulu resident, Dean Farlaine, 47, to check out three books, which prompted strong protests from proponents of traditional library values.

  • White House demonstrators case dropped: A couple Worcesterites were part of this anti-Gitmo event. I haven’t stumbled across many reports of it. Jonah House has photos from outside and inside the courthouse.
    Gitmo protest, Ted Stein photo
    Ted Stein photo
  • Marching Toward Obsolescence:

    Are our demonstrations less effective or simply evolving? Has the collective expression of disappointment disappeared or become displaced? Have the protestors vacated the public square to reconvene in cyberspace?

    (Radio Open Source)

  • Ten Democracy Projects in Seventy Minutes:

    There’s an amazing wealthy of political data available in the US in contrast to some of the other countries I work in. In many ways, the focus of these efforts is to get people to pay attention to and care about this data, not to collect data that isn’t available elsewhere. It will be interesting to see which of these tools might be valuable in less data-rich environments and which don’t make sense in very different circumstances.

    (Ethan Zuckerman)

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