Kate Toomey wins the prize

City Councilor Kathleen M. Toomey hereby wins the prize for Most Web 2.0 Motion:

19p. Motion-Toomey @ #11c CC – Request City Manager provide a report on the use of blogs, podcasting and posting of a brief on what occurs at Council meetings on the City’s web site. Order adopted

Our readers have commented on this in the past:

I think Kate Toomey and Gary Rosen, both of whom I kinda like, run neck and neck as the Councilor most likely to stumble upon something on the internet and turn it into a Council motion.

Councilor Rosen, you gave it your best.

This morning I began investigating whether the City Council meetings broadcast on Channel 12 are in the public domain. You’d think they would be. If so, I know some local tech activists who’d like to grab them off the Tivo and archive them online.

Kate Toomey
City Councilor Kate Toomey

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