The T&G website now has comments

posted by Mike on February 15th, 2007

Holy cow, you can now comment on articles at the Telegram & Gazette website.

I tried this out and found that:

  • Your comment appears can appear instantly.
  • Comments with URLs go to moderation.
  • Your e-mail doesn’t appear in the comment.
  • No count of comments is included in article blurbs. No “recent comments” list. No way to browse comments in general, or get a sense of where the discussion is hot.

Here’s an article with comments.

No idea how long this feature has been there. Kevin Ksen mentioned it to me this morning, so I suppose it was there yesterday. Someone with us asked: Can you still only read the last 14 days for free? Answer: Looks like it.

Lest you think hell has frozen over, the T&G’s RSS feed remains screwed up.

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