posted by Mike on February 16th, 2007

Kevin Ksen case: The T&G now has this story. See also Pie and Coffee’s coverage.

Plowshares: Michael Walli released from prison. You’ll recall he damaged a nuclear missile silo dressed as a clown.

Climate: The Interfaith Walk for Climate Rescue will be in Worcester March 20-21.

Catholic Worker news: The Eugene, Oregon CW community has moved to a new location.

Come join: The Catholic Coalition for Material Cooperation with Evil.

More from the Research Bureau: Their latest report, which I haven’t read yet, apparently says 65% of Worcesterites are satisfied with the city. Also, according to the T&G, the survey respondents were 92% white. Which doesn’t sound like a good sample, to be honest. But I should read the survey before writing more.

History: Over at the wiki, check out The Anti-War and Anti-Draft Movement in Worcester, 1965-75.

Central Mass Magazine: Has a placeholder site.

Darfur: Eric Reeves: “The full-scale launch of a large, organized campaign to highlight China’s complicity in the Darfur genocide appears likely to begin soon.”

Web and paper: One reason why the Worcester Magazine “blog log” can never be bloggy (not that it wants to be) is because it can’t follow the social conventions. Take this excerpt reprinted from Michael Ball’s same-sex-marriage blog. Mr. Ball is referring to photo analysis done at Worcester Indymedia. In his original post, he quite properly links to the Indymedia article, and even links to the Pie and Coffee version by way of thanking me for tipping him off. (Little does he know that I’m close enough to Indymedia that I don’t require the separate hat tip.) But the blog log excerpt doesn’t include any reference to Indymedia. And I don’t see how it could maintain the chain of hat tips in a case like this without becoming cluttered with footnotes. So that’s one difference between paper and the web.

Michael Ball, photo by Mike Benedetti
Pictured: Michael Ball. Mike Benedetti photo.

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