Hermis Yanis switches stations

posted by Mike on February 28th, 2007

The final episode of The Hermis Yanis Show on WCCA TV13 airs next week. The first episode of “Hermis At Large” airs on channel 3 this Friday at 3pm.

This show has always been controversial for unknown reasons, so I thought it was worth a mention as part of the local media landscape. WCCA wishes him well.

Hermis keeps telling me he’ll send the press release, and then forgetting, so I talked to him today and here’s what I know:

  • It will start off as a 30 minute show, and may change time and length as TV3’s schedule changes. TV3 shows a lot of infomercials as well as NECN. You have to pay for your slot, so the show will have some commercial sponsors and could conceivably turn a profit.
  • The first guests are Mayor Konnie Lukes, prominent attorney Gregory Cassell, and Christina Andreanopolis, PR person for the New England Surge. (Sorry if I spelled any names wrong.)

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