posted by Mike on March 2nd, 2007

Bob Waldrop, on the US Catholic Bishops

These documents are the latest in a series of morally problematic statements on Iraq from the U.S. Bishops’ Conference. The bishops ignore their own personal responsibility for our nation’s disastrous war policy. They inflate their reputation as peacemakers and they call for even more war and violence in their crusade for a “responsible transition” in Iraq. See how clever they are with words? War is no longer peace, now it is “responsible transition”.

Free shirt: In the latest WCCA Internet Update, I promote a contest wherein you can win a free shirt. Watch it, enter it, and with luck you can wear it.

Human Rights Watch, on Darfur:

The International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor’s case against two Sudanese leaders for atrocities in Darfur is a first step in ending the impunity associated with horrific crimes there, Human Rights Watch said today.

Eric Reeves’s view:

What we have at present, then, is the public naming of two particularly vicious actors in the Darfur genocide, but with no prospect of extradition, justice—or deterrence.

Virus: My office is becoming more and more Linux-based, and while there are some growing pains, they seem worthwhile when I read about how a virus attack screwed up the Telegram & Gazette yesterday. Circumstantial evidence suggests they’re still trying to get back on track.

Dave Winer on iTunes’s RSS:

Now I know how the Third World feels about the US.

Morningstar Egg Campaign: Not only is the campaign to get Morningstar Farms to stop using eggs in their veggie products a good one, but they have an elegant four-page-website. (via Eric)

When I visit my parents, I eat huge amounts of Morningstar Farms stuff.

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