Worcester County Ecumenical Council dissolving

posted by Mike on March 10th, 2007

Tanya Connor, in the Catholic Free Press:

The Worcester County Ecumenical Council is closing on June 30, due to waning support and changes in ecumenical endeavors.

The Rev. Allyson D. Platt, executive director, made that announcement in a March 1 letter and explained reasons to The Catholic Free Press Tuesday.

“The General Board, with both current and past members, reached this unanimous decision in the fall of 2006,” said the letter. Rev. Platt said they worked out details before making the announcement.

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I have mixed feelings about this. Part of me thinks that somebody should be doing full-time ecumenical work around here. (According to the article, running the Council is a 17-hour-a-week endeavor.) Another part of me is glad to know that Worcester is a city of religious cooperation, and that the people behind the WCEC are willing to say “mission accomplished” rather than keep the WCEC together just for the sake of keeping it together.

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