Coffee of Worcester: Dunkin Donuts

posted by Mike on April 8th, 2007

This week we focus on the Dunkin Donuts at the corner of Pleasant and Main, the heart of Downtown Worcester. This store used to be across the intersection. A Honeydew Donuts will be moving into the old Dunkin location.

Dunkin Donuts, Worcester

Bruce: I think when we went down to Dunkin Donuts, that was very nice in there.

Pie and Coffee: You think so?

B: I think it’s a little more organized than it was when it was across the street. Across the street it was a little crowded, there’s not a lot of room to walk around.

P: See, I got a very different impression from you. My feeling was, the only good thing about this Dunkin Donuts was that it was full of dirtbags, so I felt right at home. But it was dirty, it was crowded, the registers are not set up good. I feel like I should write a diagram and show them how to lay out the cash registers. Because we were both standing at one of the registers, and people could hardly get to the other register because of the way it’s set up.

B: Yeah.

P: You know? And there was crap all over the floor, and crap all over the tables. The coffee’s not bad.

B: I still have to say that I’m happier with Boston Donuts myself.

P: I guess I’m surprised that there are so many people at Dunkin Donuts there, because you can get coffee anywhere up and down Main Street.

B: Like you said, it seems like a lot of dirtbags hang out there at the Dunkin Donuts.

P: I would say that’s only a positive thing. Maybe you disagree.

B: Oh, it’s a positive thing.

P: That was a good aspect. Because we went in, we’re using your gift certificate, so I felt like we were already staying true to our . . . lack of cash. And then we went in there, and it’s like, “Oh, I know all these guys.”

B: The other thing, one small thing I say, when I ordered the blueberry coffee, I got regular coffee.

P: They didn’t give you the right kind of coffee?

B: No.

P: You’re kidding me!

B: No. And on the receipt it said “regular coffee.” And then yesterday, I went down to get a blueberry coffee, and it was cold. I had to heat it up in the microwave when I got home.

P: You got a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts that was cold?

B: Yeah.

P: Did you ever get anything with soy milk at Dunkin Donuts?

B: Not that I know of.

P: Because there was a blog post that said Dunkin Donuts is going to have some dairy-free stuff going on.

B: I heard some other place that Burger King was going to start buying eggs some other place.

P: Burger King is going to start buying eggs where the hens don’t live in what they call “battery cages.” They’re starting off buying a small amount of their eggs, what they would call “cage free,” or at least “battery cage free.” And then they’re going to ramp up the percentage that they buy.

B: That’s still better, though.

P: It’s funny that you bring that up, cause I got a million links I could put in this article.

B: I ordered the “extra milk” Friday, and it was fine, and yesterday I ordered it and it was cold.

P: The milk was cold or the coffee was cold?

B: The coffee was cold. I had to heat it up.

P: The only coffee I got yesterday was from the Bean Counter. It was a fine cup of coffee.

B: Was it?

P: The line is a little too long in there, but that’s a place where at least—they only have one register, but they can have two people serving off of the one register. They get it done okay. Part of the reason is because the line leads straight down to the register, there’s no bend.

B: They seem more organized down there.

P: There’s always people buying cakes. I wish they had an area of the counter for handling cake orders, because somebody comes in to pick up a cake, and that screws up the rhythm of the line for people who are just trying to get a cup of coffee.

B: Or a donut or something to eat.

P: To me those are two distinct kinds of customers. People go in for a cake, they gotta put the cake in a box, they have paperwork. And it pays off for all the customers, because I think that intense level of baking is why they have such good baked goods. I mean, if they were just doing cookies, they wouldn’t have such a high standard for baked goods.

B: I know how to solve this problem about Dunkin Donuts. As soon as I open up my own Snow Ghost Diner, there’s no sense in going down to Dunkin Donuts.

P: I don’t know, man, I don’t see Dunkin Donuts going away. You go into any Dunkin Donuts, and it’s a ratty place, but it’s packed with people.

You have any further thoughts?

B: Nah, that about covers it.

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  1. On April 9, 2007 at 18:46 Carl Weaver said:

    Dunkin Donuts coffee must be laced with crack. People can’t get enough, even though it’s just coffee.

  2. On April 20, 2007 at 12:41 Bob said:

    Honey Dew Donuts sucks! I heard that they freeze their donuts and use expired coffee.
    Boston Donuts looks like it will go the same way as Gourmet DOnuts–death by lawsuit. Good. THey should come up with their own logo. Parasite bastards.
    Dunkin rules.

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