posted by Mike on April 27th, 2007

All my friends draw Z Magazine covers
Last year, Tom Lechner got his art on the cover of the American leftist Z Magazine. This month, Rudi Cilibrasi got his art on the cover of the Amsterdam street Z Magazine.

art by Tom Lechner Artwork by Rudi Cilibrasi

Some of my friends are nominated for awards
You can vote for Zack Berger as “Best Overall” blogger in the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards.

Others are coffee drinkers
The other day I started tracking my coffee consumption in my Google Chat status . . . now I am hearing that friends of friends are doing it. I love the internet.

Government channel
Worcester’s city run government channel is slowly experimenting with publishing multimedia online. If the city would just declare footage of the council meetings as public domain, I predict that within a month the meetings would be uploaded on a regular basis . . . .

Boston is considering taxing plastic shopping bags. Now I’ve been guilty of obsessing over bags myself, but I gotta say—there are a lot of big environmental problems Boston could be dealing with. Plastic bags are a pretty small one.

Abbott and AIDS drugs
Yesterday was the annual demonstration at the local Abbott offices to encourage them to make AIDS drugs available more cheaply to the developing world. It was reported in the T&G and on NECN. It’s an especially relevant story right now, as Abbott and Thailand are going back and forth over this issue. Last year, Pie and Coffee also covered the demo.

The Kooch
You can track Kucinich’s “Impeach Cheney” resolution at Open Congress.

Radio Violence
A couple shows about violence from Radio Open Source: Dave Grossman and “Entertaining Violence”.

Demonstration to close down Guantanamo
Via The Christian Radical:

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