Pray for the United Reformed Church

posted by Kaihsu Tai on June 11th, 2007

I plan to attend the General Assembly of the United Reformed Church next month. Please pray for us. Here is an excerpt from the prayer card:

God, we thank you for the United Reformed Church and its part in your purposes.
We pray that you will continue to guide and encourage, inspire and provoke us to work for your kingdom.
We thank you that we are a rich body of people and that you speak to us all.
We pray for the General Assembly and ask for the guiding power of your Spirit to rest upon all those who are preparing, those who are participating, those who are anxious, those who feel that it has little impact on their journey with you.
Living God, may the breath of your Spirit move through Assembly,
through the preparations,
through the four days in Manchester,
through those who will attend,
through the FURY conference ‘What do you think?’,
through the Children’s Assembly,
and through the lives of the individual churches and communities which will continue your work, striving to make a difference in this world.
In Jesus’ name,

Please pray for

  • Stephen Orchard, Moderator;
  • David Cornick, General Secretary;
  • Lucy Brierley, Chaplain;
  • James Breslin, Clerk;
  • William McVey, Assembly Arrangements Convener;
  • and all others who are preparing for Assembly, especially those working hard in less public roles.
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