Haiku from the say-nothing place (2003)

posted by Kaihsu Tai on June 15th, 2007

a batch of haiku
catalogues our journey – here
with some photographs

– Kaihsu Tai

Irish health warning:
perspective limits paper

– after Dr David Stevens
A briefing paper on Northern Ireland

– a stew in Linen Hall

you can’t grow palm trees
on some County Antrim coast

it’s a small country
everyone’s on a network
and you can do that!

– both after the Revd Ken Newell

– a skip on Fitzroy Street, Belfast

for each statelet, a
constitutional colour
Do I have to choose?

– after Prof. Elizabeth Meehan

‘Corrymeela’ means
hill of honey, harmony;
or turn on the road

– after the Revd John Morrow

can you write a poem,
man, to your X chromosome –
perhaps a love poem?

– thanks to Michael Longley

– Ulster fry

I look for a day
when the remaining ‘trouble’
will be those short skirts!

my immune system
like the England football team
is winning just now

a time of silence
to give thanks for the food now
Corrymeela style

– thanks to Audry and Geoff

– a tower on a wall

a well-pulled Guinness
in a half-litre glass, and
costing five euros

Most sincere thanks to
dear Doctor Bob Purdie for
arranging the trip

(first published in the St Columba’s Church newsletter)

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