Catholic Peace Fellowshop conference podcast

posted by Mike on July 16th, 2007

The Catholic Peace Fellowship posted the audio of their 2007 conference months ago, but I missed the announcement, so maybe you did too.

[Podcast feed]

Catholic Peace Fellowship co-founder Jim Forest: mp3

Merton noticed that when compassion and love are absent, actions that are superficially nonviolent tend to mask deep hostility, contempt, and the desire to defeat and humiliate the opponent.

My housemate, CPF head Mike Baxter: mp3

. . . the division besetting the churches is the product of the absorption of those churches into the U.S. mainstream, and, more particularly, into the political culture of the United States. The result is that the word of Christ and the way of discipleship gets tamed, watered-down, domesticate, so that non-Catholics—good Catholics, sincere Catholics, committed Catholics—imagine they must choose between thee two false and, quite honestly, unfaithful alternatives.

Catholic conscientious objector Joshua Casteel: mp3

Catholic conscientious objector Jonathan Lace: mp3

My housemate, Catholic conscientious objector Daniel Baker: mp3

Someone asked me in one of the classes, yesterday or the day before, “Do you think that there are vocations for this kind of thing? Do you think God provides people vocations for the military?” And I think that God does. But not for the institutions that we have. Not for this military. I think that there are vocations to defend people. To defend those who cannot defend themselves. However, I think the goal is to create those organizations, like this one, those institutions where those people can serve honestly for humanity, with their skills, their gifts that God gave them, and really make a difference without having to resort to violence.

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