508 #3: Grace Ross, foreign policy, cultural grants, and boxed lunch

posted by Mike on September 28th, 2007

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This week, Brendan Melican and I talk about the city:

  • At-Large City Council candidate Grace Ross has come under fire (T&G, WoMag) for a statement she made about Israel’s war with Hezbollah, and her party’s statement on Darfur. (Relevant Wikipedia page: International response to the Darfur conflict)
  • Brendan: “I think it’s gonna be a shame if she does lose any votes, and especially if she gets knocked off . . . because of something that really doesn’t seem to have a lot to do with the city.”
  • Mike tells the joke about Mike Perotto and Darfur.
  • Worcester Magazine’s Scott Zoback, who’s done most of the local reporting on Grace Ross’s foreign policy positions, is now defending himself on the Telegram & Gazette message boards. (The Speakeasy, aka The Sewer. I can’t find the thread mentioned; can someone send it to me? There are whole 30-post threads on there written by a single person. Crazy.) Update: Scott Zoback denies he’s posted anything. Our mistake.
  • In positive news, the Worcester Cultural Coalition is making lots of grants available to individuals and organizations for cultural endeavors.
  • In other positive news, you can now buy tasty, vegan, boxed lunches each day at noon at the Artichoke Food Co-op.

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