posted by Mike on October 9th, 2007

Worcester City Council to consider Darfur—Iraq next?
In-depth article at Indymedia about attempts to leverage the City Council’s sudden interest in Darfur to get them to pass a resolution on Iraq, which they’ve refused to consider time and again. Contact Worcester Peace Works to be part of this effort.

Worcester holds $5.68 million in investments in Exxon Mobil, the largest stock holding in the WRS. Exxon has been targeted internationally, nationally and locally by anti-war groups because of their war profiteering and by environmental groups for multiple efforts undermining and opposed to climate change.

Nicholas Reville “Aims to Overthrow TV, Not Get Rich”
Nice profile in Wired of Worcester’s Nicholas Reville, one of the people behind the Participatory Culture Foundation and Miro. Below is an interview I did with him back in the day.

No 508 podcast last week. I have an interview in the can about a supposed “serial killer” in Worcester, but I’m waiting till I can get Buck Paxton to rant on record about CitySquare.

Roto cops MacArthur action
Congrats! If I am counting correctly, Paul Rothemund’s the only guy who the Pie and Coffee authors went to college with who grabbed a Genius Grant this year.

Facebook groups: Catholic Peace Fellowship and Snow Ghost
If you’d rather get updates via Facebook than blogs or e-mail, you can now join a Facebook group for the Catholic Peace Fellowship. Fans of the Snow Ghost Community Show will want to join the Snow Ghost Community Facebook Group.

A relevant quotation

Tony Lorenzen on Springsteen: “Bruce is still the most highly paid theologian in America.”

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