posted by Mike on March 22nd, 2008

T&G: Holy Cross students protest war in D.C.
Sponsored by the College Democrats. Where is their Pax Christi these days?

Song for Holy Saturday
By James K. Baxter, the “Walt Whitman of New Zealand.”

Why bother having a resume?
Seth Godin:

Not just for my little internship, but in general. Great people shouldn’t have a resume.

T&G: Vandals strike seven churches
Lousy news. Though this graffito is perfectly in the spirit of Holy Saturday, I think:

Another had “Jesus is dead.”

Feynman chaser
Hadn’t seen this clip in forever! Via Maximum Fun:

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  1. On March 31, 2008 at 15:33 Adam Villani said:

    I’ve got a lot of problems with that Seth Godin article against resumes. He’s making a lot of assumptions about what kind of jobs people want, for one thing. Maybe he doesn’t want a job with a resume, but who is he to presume that these wouldn’t be “great, world-class jobs” to other people. The message I got from that article is that if you aren’t self-employed or working as some sort of resident genius, then you aren’t a special person, you aren’t creative, etc. Because the fact of the matter is that most jobs do require resumes, or at least some sort of application. Godin thinks that somehow everyone you meet is supposed to detect what kind of an awesome, world-beating person you are and want to just put you on the payroll to sit around and be awesome, rather than to actually accomplish whatever it is the business is trying to do. He seems like an egotistical jerk if you ask me.

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