Kid with stupid hair turns self in for church graffiti

posted by Mike on March 26th, 2008

Previously in the T&G: Vandals strike seven churches

Today: Arrest made in church vandalism, “Police said they are also looking to arrest a second suspect, a female, in the crimes.”

Seriously, this look doesn’t work for you, man.

Brian D. Griffin, 19. Photo from Telegram & Gazette.

It was a good idea to trim it short before turning it in, but you should have dyed it a uniform color, too.


The dude can’t even spray paint:

Telegram & Gazette photo

Looks like he misjudged his spacing, ran his “r” into a black part of the door, and ended up with “JESUS NEVEN ROSE AGAIN.”

Police said they have video footage of Mr. Griffin and a female companion buying two cans of spray paint from Wal-Mart at 8 p.m. Thursday

You just knew Wal-Mart would be involved. (The T&G really needs to call up Jason Feifer to cover this story; he’s a master of gentle mockery, and was responsible for the front-page story “Athol Town Hall stages teen headbangers’ metal ball: Those who came to rock hard and heavy salute music series.”)

Lest anyone think this fiasco of a crime is a symptom of modern moral collapse, note that dumbasses have been goofing around churches since at least January 1965:
Glue Sniffers Seized in Church

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