Goslow profiles Worcester Catholic Worker community

posted by Mike on March 27th, 2008

What a delight to pick up today’s Worcester Magazine and see “Diamond Dave” Maciewski on the cover! (It’s from last week’s Stations of the Cross.)


The article is mostly about the Saints Francis & Thérèse Catholic Worker. Nice quote from co-founder Scott Schaeffer-Duffy:

“People think of anarchy as irresponsibility–but it’s not. It’s about individual responsibility.”

The article also touches on the Mustard Seed Catholic Worker soup kitchen, helmed by Donna Domiziano:

Following Catholic Worker doctrine, the Mustard Seed doesn’t apply for grants or seek state or federal funds.

“Day-by-day donations, that’s how we do it,” Domiziano says. “We live the gospel and it works.”

The only factual error I find was that he misspelled Ken Hannaford-Ricardi’s name. The funny thing is, the T&G misspelled his name last week in an article about the “rosary arrest.” I can’t tell you how much I will enjoy teasing Ken about this :)

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