508 #35: No coffee

508 is a show about Worcester. This week, Mike skips his coffee, with predictable results. Brendan Melican, by contrast, is sharp as ever. (Note that Brendan now appears on WTAG Mondays at 6:30.)


Mike loved the Dragon Sorcerer, and interviews author Asa Needle.

The City Council and other city employees got raises this week. If Charter cable provides your internet service, they’re now selling info about your browsing habits to an ad company. (Related: how to encrypt your Gmail e-mail.)

Mike reads the InCity Times.

There was a hearing about Planned Parenthood changing its Worcester location. Critics of PP, including local blogger JayG, come off looking like nuts in press coverage; this is possibly their own fault.

Worcester CORI-reform activists are walking to Boston next week. The feds say the county jail has problems; Brendan expands upon his blog post on the subject. Mike is going to DC next week to ask the Chinese and Sudanese governments to stop supporting genocide in Darfur. WCCA is holding (and broadcasting live) a public meeting on an impending funding crisis at the station. “To this date, we have no contract with the City, and no real assurances for the continuity of WCCA’s future.”

We talk more about Charter recording information about users’ internet habits, and finish with an explanation of Tor from the audiobook of Cory Doctorow’s great young adult novel Little Brother.

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