Patrick Duffy is confirmed

posted by Mike on June 8th, 2008


Patrick Duffy was one of 25 confirmed today at St. Peter’s in Worcester. I was honored to be his sponsor.

I occasionally see an article about what baby names are popular, but never confirmation names. So for the curious, here were the confirmation names: Patrick, Marcella, Sophia, Anne, Dwayne, Beatrice, William, John (Pat Duffy’s), James, Arthur, Angelica, Andrew, Christopher, Emmanuel, Marie, Elizabeth, Mateo (first name: Matthew), Concepcion, Andre, Clare, Manami, Sebastia, Daniel (first name: Daniel), Thea, Del Transito.

(We weren’t allowed to pick confirmation names when I was confirmed. Yes, I’m still bitter about that.)



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  1. On June 9, 2008 at 23:22 Mike Ciul said:

    Congratulations Patrick!

    Why weren’t you allowed? Who picked for you? What did they pick?

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