508 #39: Power failure

posted by Mike on June 13th, 2008

508 is a show about Worcester. Unsteady electricity from a storm earlier this week threatens to derail, then does derail, the show. Brendan Melican and Cha-Cha Connor appear briefly. Mostly it’s Bruce Russell.


There was a big storm in Worcester. Cha-Cha went to New England’s first trans pride march. Mike reads the InCity Times: both unconvincing arguments against a shelter at 62 Elm St, and Rosalie Tirella channeling Jean Teasdale on “Sex and the City.”

Watch out for the latest WordPress hacks; they got the Worcester Republican blog, they could get you too. Mike’s pre-trial hearing is Monday. The Toxic Soil Busters debuted a short film about their project last night. It’s Bruce’s birthday; call the hotline if you want to leave a birthday greeting to be played on the show.

Note: the Charter ads have returned in this week’s Worcester Magazine.

Extra note: this is the greatest Worcester blog post in history.

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  1. On June 14, 2008 at 00:57 sharilee said:

    Oh crumb, Mike, they hacked our site again? We upgraded last month. I figured that was the end of it…at least for awhile.

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