posted by Mike on August 6th, 2008

Fresno CW says hello to George Washington 2.3 million times
City of Fresno to Pay $2.3 Million to Settle Homeless Case:

On June 6, 2008 the city of Fresno agreed to a $2.3 million settlement in Kincaid vs. Fresno to compensate for its policy of destroying the property of the homeless in unconstitutional raids.


Liza Apper of the St. Benedict Catholic Worker, who was an expert witness for the plaintiffs, was named by the court as the “Settlement Administrator” in today’s settlement.

BTW, it was great to see Liza again at the CW gathering.

We’ve occasionally written about what a great time the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling folks seem to have. Now here’s proof:

We played cat and mouse wargames with that ship for a while, in order to get at those whalers before they could harpoon any more baby whales (they kill baby whales!). Then, later that day, our cat and mouse games paid off, as I spotted a harpoon boat on my radar (I call it my radar now because I put so much time and effort into fixing it, and it keeps beeping and making noise and everyone wants to shut it off all the time, and I was the only one who had the faith to keep using it, and the clunky little bugger was the one that picked up the harpoon boat!).

If you read the whole series, you’ll note that one person gets shot, but not injured.

Vancouver Catholic Worker community
Nice profile:

At first glance, the small, shabby house on East Pender doesn’t seem any different from a hundred other aging bungalows in the neighbourhood. A particularly unfortunate shade of turquoise paint peeling off the wood trim on the front porch, a shaggy lawn, a few small trees. But look closer and you will see a statue of Saint Francis on the unmown lawn and a chalkboard by the front door boldly proclaiming “Vancouver Catholic Worker House. War Resisters Welcome Here. Workers Rule, especially Library Workers.”

Dorothy Day in the 50s
Dorothy Day Fights ‘Civil Defense’:

This Friday at 1:30 in the afternoon, April 17, Dorothy Day, Ammon Hennacy, and a handful of others from the Catholic Worker will sit on the benches in City Hall park. The only thing unusual about this is that millions of their fellow citizens will be taking shelter from a hypothetical Hydrogen Bomb—for April 17 is our annual tribute to that insanity we call “Civil Defense” when we are all required by law to take shelter.

Dorothy is showing up in these Village Voice flashback pieces all the time.

How Buildings Learn
Kottke says there’s a documentary based on one of my favorite books, How Buildings Learn, that’s now online.

Get Firefox
Although I’m a long-time, passionate user of the Firefox web browser, I’m not convinced it’s all that better than IE or Safari. Walt Mossberg disagrees in this video. If you’ve never used Firefox, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

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