508 #49: Asian Longhorned Beetles

posted by Mike on August 22nd, 2008

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s panel is Colin Novick, Anne Lewenberg, Jeff Barnard, and Brendan Melican.


Sadly, Bruce “The Snow Ghost” Russell was unable to be on the show to talk about seeing Motörhead live at the Palladium last week.

Colin and Anne, as part of the Greater Worcester Land Trust, talk about what’s being done to combat Asian Longhorned Beetles in Worcester.

Worcester has some good info on Asian Longhorned Beetles:

We talk about the sale of Worcester Magazine and the mysterious claim that “like mainstream newspapers, alternatives are confronting surging competition from Web-based media outlets, for both news and arts information”. (Note that this is a paraphrase of something Paul Giorgio said, not necessarily the reporter’s opinion.)

Mike dares the panel, and all Worcester journalists, to say something new and interesting about the Worcester vendor debate.

This week’s InCity Times has some nice photos of old postcards.

There’s some controversy about the Cable Advisory Board’s behavior regarding their report to the City Manager.

Good stuff in Worcester: Friday afternoon block party on Hawley Street, Saturday afternoon block party on King Street, Canal Fest coming up, HBML is still taping a shot-by-shot remake of a Cosby Show episode, there’s a video of the amazing Creative Laundry event, and Jeff will be back to driving a cab before too long.

Bad stuff in Worcester: Mike is suffering from stress.

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