St. Peter’s ministry fair and other items

posted by Mike on September 6th, 2008

St. Peter’s ministry fair

People will be tabling about parish ministries after every mass this weekend at St. Peter’s parish in Worcester.

I’ve avoided getting involved in parish ministry in Worcester because I move so much. But I’ve lived in the Greater St. Peter’s Area continuously for the past 11 months, and plan to be here until at least January, so I think it’s time to take the plunge and investigate becoming a lector. (Thanks to TN for a short conversation which convinced me I should get more involved in this way.)

On a related note, from last week’s bulletin:

* Special Notice: The Diocese of Worcester has mandated that every person who is involved in any kind of parish ministry – whether volunteer or paid – must complete a C.O.R.I. form and must participate in a Child Abuse Awareness training program.

I hate filling out government forms as much as anybody, and I have more than enough opportunities to serve the Lord in my daily life that don’t involve paperwork. I can understand a policy like this, but boy it’s annoying.

Worcester’s Planned Parenthood
JayG describes vigiling at Planned Parenthood. A few days before that blog post appeared, I was talking with a young woman about her own experience there. She went there not for an abortion but for other health services, services that left her in a lot of physical pain. As she left, one of the vigilers began yelling at her that she was going to hell for getting an abortion. She told me that she was tempted to yell back, but was hurting so bad that she broke out crying instead.

Why are you a Catholic?
Michael Iafrate:

Gerald is not the first person to tell me that he or she is “surprised” that I am Catholic, not in the sense that they see me believing things or acting in ways that are contrary to the faith, but they don’t understand how I can have the political views that I do and still remain a Catholic when the Catholic Church has so often aligned itself with life-denying politics (such as the case of american Republicatholicism).

The Gospel According to Bruce Springsteen
Tony Lorenzen:

I’ve been thinking of this for years and I’ve been calling the Boss the most highly paid theologian in America since Divinity School. Alas someone beat me to writing this.

Google Chrome
I’ve played with this a little. I still remember first using Google search and GMail and getting that “Wow, this is so much better!” feeling. Nothing like that with Chrome yet. In a column on the subject, Robert X. Cringley quotes a guy:

What Google does not want is Microsoft creating a browser that sucks. Actually, Google doesn’t mind if Microsoft’s browser sucks. What they really don’t want is Microsoft to make a browser that sucks and everyone ends up using it. And, if the IE8 beta shows us anything, making a really sucky web browser is Microsoft’s true ambition.

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