508 #55: Round robin

posted by Mike on October 3rd, 2008

508 is a show about Worcester. Due to technical limitations, this week’s show consists of various subsets of Kevin Ksen, “Diamond Dave” Maciewski, Brendan “Buck Paxton” Melican, and Bruce “Snow Ghost” Russell.


This week in Worcester, the authorities shot a moose.

Image by Duncan A.

Kevin talks about protesting the “Spirit of America” pageant (though not the spirit of America) in 2004 and 2008. Mike critiques the new Worcester Magazine feature “Two minutes with …” and skims the InCity Times. Dave and Mike are saddened by Daniel Yarnie’s arrest. Brendan considers the City Council’s proposed anti-party ordinance. Mike goes negative on the library.

Mike is shopping only at local businesses for the next week. Brendan mentions Polar Classic Sodas.

Bruce is both unintelligible and entertaining.

Finally: tasers.

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