508 #56: Shopping Locally

posted by Mike on October 10th, 2008

508 is a show about Worcester. This week’s pundits include Brendan Melican and Bruce Russell.


Our in-depth discussion of Question Three is pushed off a week; instead, we talk about the Q 1-3 advertising we’ve seen. (Related: Seth Godin on undecided voters, the T&G editorial board on marijuana decriminalization.)

Mike has spent the past week shopping only at locally-owned businesses.

We discuss “Payment In Lieu of Taxes,” also known as “Taxes.” (Guidestar info on the Art Museum.)

Brendan mourns the WANT ADvertiser.

Bruce joins us for a “Bruce Is Incorruptible” segment on the Armsby Abbey.

Bruce at the Abbey

We unwisely discuss the T&G website; this topic always turns out to be a quagmire of negativity. Related: ShrewsBuried, Worcesterite, Real Worcester.

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  1. On October 10, 2008 at 23:47 Daniel Warner said:

    Thanks for a great show. I’ve listened to a few episodes and enjoyed them all. Brendan’s rant’s are informative and entertaining. Don’t sweat ‘going negative’ that’s what a good rant is all about. Bad news about the Want Ad. Your description nailed the experience of reading that thing over the course of a lifetime. It was more a force of nature than a magazine and it will be missed.

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