WoMag: Aware of all Internet traditions? and other items

posted by Mike on October 23rd, 2008

Tomorrow’s 508 podcast is pre-recorded, so I’m going to vent today about a sub-head in this week’s Worcester Magazine “Worcesteria” column:


Which is neither an elegant title nor an accurate reference to ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US. Overzealous copy-editing? Zoback nods?

City Council to Vote on Taxing Military Bases & Anti-War Resolution Oct. 28
Indymedia story.

River Sims:

People are amazed I feed a hundred and fifty people out of my place–but the reality is if I waited for some fine Church to let me use their kitchen or to get enough money for a nice apartment, then I would still be waiting–no Jesus means for us to be prepared with what we have, no matter how little.

Voting for animal protection

Massachusetts has a ballot question that would ban dog racing in the state. Sounds good to me. VegWorcester has “A compelling case to Vote Yes on Question 3,” with links to a very long article by Steve Baer on the issue.

California residents have the opportunity to ban certain abuses of farm animals. Here’s an ad with handsome vegan Wayne Pacelle:

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  1. On October 23, 2008 at 22:48 Justin said:

    If WoMag can’t / get Zero Wing right / how can their journalists / sleep well at night / Burma Shave

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