Prayers (bailiffs)

posted by Kaihsu Tai on November 16th, 2008

Will you pray with me?
Let us pray.


God, we pray for the world.

The prayer cycle of the World Council of Churches
reminds us to pray today for the peoples of
Cameroon, the Central African Republic, and Equatorial Guinea.
We also pray at this time
for the Democratic Republic of Congo and for Rwanda,
for those people displaced from their homes due to the conflict,
for the peacekeepers and diplomats
working in a difficult situation.

Today we remember all the road traffic victims,
on the day designated for this remembrance.

Lord, in your mercy,
hear our prayer.


God, we pray for the banks
in this time of financial turmoil.
We pray for all the computers
in the investment banks and in the stock exchanges,
silently carrying out all the financial and stock transactions,
throughout the day, without many people noticing.
We pray for the bankers, especially those
who design trading algorithms and decide on loans.
Remind them that
it is real people’s lives that are affected by their decisions.

We recall that Jesus said to the rich young man,
‘If you wish to be perfect, go, sell your possessions,
and give money to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven;
then come, follow me.’

We look for the day when we can say to the London Stock Exchange
as Jesus said to Zacchaeus:
‘Today salvation has come to this house.’

Lord, in your mercy,
hear our prayer.


God, we pray for the debt collection agencies,
and the bailiffs who have to knock on doors to collect debts.
May they do their work
with compassion, common sense, and sensitivity.

Remind them from time to time of Jesus’ parable,
in which the master commended the dishonest manager,
who acted shrewdly, by forgiving debts and making friends.

Lord, in your mercy,
hear our prayer.


God, we pray for those who find it hard to understand
what is really going on.
We pray for those who are anxious at this time.

Remind them that Jesus said
‘Strive first for the kingdom of God and his rightousness,
and all these things will be given to you as well.’
Jesus said,
‘Do not worry about tomorrow,
for tomorrow will bring worries of its own.
Today’s trouble is enough for today.’

We also pray for the teachers, scholars, and journalists
who struggle to explain things clearly to the public.

Remind them that Jesus said,
‘You are not to be called rabbi,
for you have one teacher, and you are all students.’
Jesus said,
‘The greatest among you will be your servant.’

Lord, in your mercy,
hear our prayer.


God, we pray for the Church, which is the Body of Christ.

We thank you for the Wessex Synod meeting last weekend.
The Wessex Synod prayer handbook reminds us to pray today
for the congregations in Maidenhead and in Walton-on-Thames.

At this time, we pray particularly for
Richard van Houten,
General Secretary of the Reformed Ecumenical Council, and
Setri Nyomi,
General Secretary of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches.
We rejoice that these two groups will unite in 2010
to form the World Communion of Reformed Churches.

We pray for the many Christian traditions represented
in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
May they remember to be
a sign of reconciliation in a divided world.

We recall that Jesus prayed
‘That they [the Church] may all be one.’

Lord, in your mercy,
hear our prayer.


God, we pray for the Kwayambunga Community Project in Zambia.
We pray for the Oxford Credit Union,
and we pray for our continued consideration
about how best to support it.
We pray for Asylum Welcome and the Community Emergency Foodbank
and the food we donate to them.
Bless every penny of the money we have
and every morsel of the food we give,
every tube of toothpaste, every bar of soap,
that they may multiply as the yeast, as the mustard seed,
and further your kingdom in unexpected places.
May our work in co-operation with other churches in this city
be helpful and healing actions done by the Body of Christ,
moved by your Spirit in your world.

Lord, in your mercy,
hear our prayer.

All these things we pray,
in the name of Jesus our Saviour,

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