508 #66: 2009 predictions

This is the final episode of 508, a show about Worcester. The panel is DeJongh Wells, Tracy Novick, and Scott Zoback.


We talk about the ice storm, the response from the authorities, the reporting of WTAG, and Kate Toomey’s helpful Facebook updates with official info on the situation.

Jeff Barnard found that while the City Councilors want people to shovel their sidewalks, they’re doing a poor job with their own sidewalks.

The Snow Ghost Community Show also wraps up today. You can get a DVD set of all 24 episodes + extras with your $50 donation to WCCA TV13. Sets are available at WCCA (415 Main St.) and HBML (420 Pleasant St.).

Tracy talks about the tree loss at Cascading Waters and other Land Trust properties.

In honor of the absent Brendan Melican, we make bold predictions about what Mike will find when he returns to Worcester in May.

  • Wells: There will be movement on downtown redevelopment. Demolition will start in July or August.
  • Zoback: The various police scandals will be dragging on. Earliest beginning to a City Council/mayoral campaign in history, with record numbers of people tossing their hats into the ring. A newcomer will be the mayor.
  • Novick: Ditto on the elections; we’ll also see this with the School Board. As well, people will have their electricity back….
  • Benedetti: T&G offered up for sale. Jeff Barnard buys it with one day’s cabdriving tips.

We finish up by discussing our upcoming plans. For my part, I will spend the first part of 2009 on the 100 Days Campaign to Close Guantanamo.

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One thought on “508 #66: 2009 predictions”

  1. Predictions for 2009:
    * T&G offered for sale… and nobody wants to buy it.
    * Plan E gets dumped in favor of a “strong mayor” plan, …so Mike O’Brien runs for and gets elected Mayor.
    * Unum signs on as anchor tenant to kick off the start of the CitySquare project, but then declares bankruptcy before they can move in.
    * Mike Benedetti returns to Worcester in May and takes over Jordan Levy’s show on WTAG when Levy retires.

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