A Litany for Transport

posted by Kaihsu Tai on January 4th, 2009

God our Father, we remember that in ancient times, you guided the people of Israel with pillars of cloud and fire.

God in Christ, we remember that after your Resurrection, you appeared to the two travellers on the Emmaus Road, and later to Apostle Paul on the Damascus Road.

God the Holy Spirit, we remember that in more recent times you accompanied storytelling pilgrims and spiritual-singing refugees.

We pray now for all who travel; may your guidance and protection be with them as in those former times.

We pray for the carpooling driver, overcoming selfishness and extending hospitality. Bless her ministry and give her the pilgrim’s awareness that she may be entertaining angels.

We pray for the shy carpooler, waiting for a lift (ride) on the kerbside (curbside).

We pray for the moment the car door is opened, that in the subsequent moments of fellowship, your kingdom is extended a little bit, as when Philip encountered the Ethiopian eunuch on the Gaza Road.

We pray that over a cup of coffee and some crumbly cake on the roadside rest station, you appear to them as you did to the two travellers on Emmaus Road, and they shall say to you: Remain with us for a little longer.

We remember Saint Harriet Tubman and her companions on the Underground Railroad; Saint Rosa Parks and her companions on the buses and marches; N.; and N.

We pray for the bus and train drivers, and all pilots, guiding their congregation as a minister hers, as Moses and Deborah for the people in the desert.

We pray for those moments when our trajectory is astray, when we need an experience as Paul encountered you. Give us the courage to acknowledge our blindness and unsafe manœuvring, and bravely to change direction.

We pray for those who design our transport strategies: particularly now for Ray LaHood, U.S. Secretary-designate of Transportation; Geoff Hoon, British Secretary of State for Transport; N.; and N. Give them wisdom to build your cities of inclusiveness, nurture your fields of harmony, and protect your wilderness of tranquillity.

We remember the migrant worker praying fervently to you, hoping to pass his driving test in an unfamiliar jurisdiction.

Finally, we pray for all passengers in your name, Jesus, by singing the spiritual People Get Ready. … Amen.

(With thanks to Ladysmith Black Mambazo; Christian Ecology Link, whose most-recent annual conference had transport as its topic; and Mike Benedetti. As a litany, it is meant to be neither entirely coherent nor complete, but a starting-point to inspire further prayers. As usual, if you use this or any other prayers found here on Pie and Coffee, please leave a message, as we always welcome constructive feedback.)

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